Adam Schwebach - Executive Vice President Gallagher Re, Broking (Florida)

Adam Schwebach – Executive Vice President Gallagher Re, Broking (Florida)

Adam Schwebach serves as the Executive Vice President at Gallagher Re, specializing in broking operations in Florida. With a robust career in the insurance and reinsurance industry, Adam has amassed extensive experience in strategic risk management and broking. He is known for his adeptness in negotiating complex reinsurance contracts and his deep understanding of the Florida market’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Adam Schwebach is reinsurance professional focused on the Florida Property market and specializing in: Reinsurance Negotiations and Placement, Portfolio Management and Optimization, Local Legislative and Regulatory Issues, Citizens Depopulations, New Company Formation and InsurTech.

At Gallagher Re, Adam plays a pivotal role in developing and executing broking strategies that align with clients’ needs. His expertise helps clients navigate the intricate reinsurance landscape, ensuring optimal coverage and risk mitigation. Adam’s leadership and innovative approach have significantly contributed to Gallagher Re’s growth and reputation in the industry.

Prior to his tenure at Gallagher Re, Adam held various senior positions in notable insurance firms where he honed his skills in client relations, market analysis, and strategic planning. His academic background in business and finance complements his professional endeavors, equipping him with the knowledge and tools necessary for success in the reinsurance sector.

Adam’s commitment to excellence and client-centric approach underscores his professional ethos, making him a trusted advisor in the field of reinsurance.

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