Beinsure Editorial Policy & Fact-Checking

Beinsure Media is committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of impartial editorial standards in the content that we present on our website. All of our articles are chosen independent of any financial interests.

FactCheck Beinsure Media is a news and review fact-checking and verification platform. Editors and writers make all efforts to clarify any financial ties behind the studies on which we report. Our team of writers strive to uphold the principles of ethical journalism by promoting truth and accuracy, independence, fairness and impartiality, humanity and transparency in the fact-checking/reporting process.

Fact Check

All Beinsure Media articles and news must pass a thorough Fact Check process prior to release. After each article is written, it then goes through our detailed review process where we carefully check for accuracy, credibility of sources, and potential conflicts of interest.
Facts are sacrosanct to a fact-checker.

We therefore aim to be accurate in our fact-checking, consulting multiple sources to ensure that fact-checks are backed by sound evidence. Depending on the nature of fact-check required, we use internet tools like reverse image search or source data from official sources. Where necessary, we also reach out to the relevant person to verify a claim. We do not quote anonymous sources.


Signatory organizations fact-check claims using the same standard for every fact check. They do not concentrate their fact-checking on any one side. They follow the same process for every fact check and let the evidence dictate the conclusions. Signatories do not advocate or take policy positions on the issues they fact-check.

Transparency of Sources

Signatories want their readers to be able to verify findings themselves. Signatories provide all sources in enough detail that readers can replicate their work, except in cases where a source’s personal security could be compromised. In such cases, signatories provide as much detail as possible.

Open Corrections Policy

Signatories publish their corrections policy and follow it scrupulously. They correct clearly and transparently in line with the corrections policy, seeking so far as possible to ensure that readers see the corrected version.


For any questions about our content or editorial policies, please contact [email protected].