TOP 15 Reinsurance Companies in U.K.

2024 UK Reinsurers is based on survey responses from reinsurance organizations in the United Kingdom. The premium data relates to a company’s reinsurance premiums written but, in some cases, other metrics will include both primary and reinsurance business.

The London reinsurance market is a pivotal component of the global insurance industry, renowned for its historical significance, breadth of expertise, and the diversity of risk solutions it offers.

As one of the world’s leading reinsurance hubs, it plays a crucial role in the global risk management framework, providing insurance companies with the means to spread their risk, thereby enhancing their capacity to underwrite new policies and manage their exposure to potential losses.

The main group and country listing for each entity surveyed is representative of that group or company’s total reinsurance business written, whether it be life, non-life, or a combination of both.

TOP 15 Largest Reinsurers in United Kingdom

ReinsurerNet Re premiums written, $mnPretax operating income, $mn
1. Lloyd’s14,319.7662,3
2. China Re International Holdings1,363.456,9
3. Aspen Insurance U,K,686.5148,8
4. Faraday Syndicate 435580.5N,A,
5. Brit458.58,8
6. TransRe London264.19,9
7. Convex Insurance UK242.1-58,3
8. SCOR U,K,235.631
9. Fidelis Underwriting203.669,6
10. Aspen Managing Agency Limited122.63,9
11. Cathedral Capital Holdings Ltd91.80,3
12. Syndicate 300030.818,3
13. Markel International Insurance25-5,7
14. Korean Re Underwriting18.5-2,5
15. Lancashire Insurance (UK)2.81,5
Source: S&P Global Ratings

Key Global Players in the UK reinsurance market

Key Global Players in the UK reinsurance market

Several prominent reinsurance companies operate within the U.K. market, including global giants and specialized firms. Some of these include:

  1. Lloyd’s of London: While not a reinsurance company in the traditional sense, Lloyd’s is a market comprising multiple syndicates that underwrite insurance and reinsurance risks. It is one of the oldest and most well-known insurance markets globally, known for covering complex and unusual risks.
  2. Swiss Re: A leading global reinsurance company, Swiss Re offers a wide range of reinsurance products and services to insurers around the world, including life & health and property & casualty reinsurance.
  3. Munich Re: Another global leader, Munich Re has a significant presence in the U.K., offering reinsurance solutions across various lines of business, including cyber, property, casualty, and life reinsurance.
  4. Hannover Re: Known for its financial strength and diversified risk portfolio, Hannover Re operates in the U.K., providing reinsurance services across life & health and property & casualty sectors.
  5. SCOR: A global tier 1 reinsurer offering its services worldwide, including the U.K., SCOR provides a broad range of life and non-life reinsurance solutions.

TOP 10 Reinsurers in the UK by net premiums written

TOP 10 Reinsurers in the UK by net premiums written
Infographic Source:

A bar chart illustrating the reinsurers by their net reinsurance premiums written, measured in millions of dollars. Each bar represents a different reinsurer, with the length of the bar indicating the scale of their net reinsurance premiums.

TOP 10 Reinsurers in the UK by market share

TOP 10 Reinsurers in the UK by market share
Source: Beinsure Infographics

A pie chart that visualizes the market share of each reinsurer based on their net reinsurance premiums written in millions of dollars. The chart shows the proportion of net reinsurance premiums that each reinsurer contributes, giving a clear picture of their relative market sizes in the reinsurance industry.

UK Reinsurers Pretax Operating Income

UK Reinsurers Pretax Operating Income

This chart displays the pretax income for each reinsurer. Note that Convex Insurance UK has a negative income, and there’s a missing value for Faraday Syndicate 435.

Ongoing aim in producing this data is to provide market participants with an indication of the ongoing reinsurance capacity available in each market.

Hence, we try to exclude intragroup reinsurance, as far as possible. Companies that have not been able to exclude intragroup reinsurance are highlighted in the footnotes.

Our findings suggest that the reinsurance sector exhibits the ‘small-world’ property with a scale-free, core-periphery structure and topological characteristics common to other financial networks.

These characteristics of risk dispersion from the periphery to the core make the network ‘robust-yet-fragile’ to financial shocks.

Key Global Players in the UK reinsurance market

Beinsure Data explore the robustness of the network to adverse shocks through a stress-simulation exercise, where we find it robust to system wide shocks affecting the value of total investments, and to idiosyncratic shocks applied to large, highly interconnected reinsurers.

For some types of insurance risk, the pattern of counterparty exposures may differ depending on the type of risk or its line of business.

To explore these differences, we incorporate a multi-layered network approach in certain parts of the analysis, where we assign network layers to describe different types of interactions between the insurer and reinsurer.

For example, at the level of lines of business, while the set of nodes for each layer remains unchanged, a given layer is defined to contain only a subset of links for a particular business line.

The U.K. reinsurance sector is regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring that companies maintain adequate capital and follow sound risk management practices.

The regulatory environment is designed to be robust yet flexible, accommodating the innovative nature of reinsurance transactions while protecting the interests of insured parties.

Key UK Reinsurance Market Characteristics

Key UK Reinsurance Market Characteristics
  • Global Leadership: London has long been recognized as a global leader in the reinsurance market, thanks to its innovative approaches to risk, deep market expertise, and a history that dates back several centuries. The market’s reputation is built on the foundation of Lloyd’s of London, which itself is a major center of reinsurance and specialty insurance.
  • Complex and Specialty Risks: The London market specializes in complex and specialty risks, including but not limited to marine, aviation, catastrophe, and emerging risks like cyber insurance. It is well-known for its ability to underwrite risks that might be too large or too complex for other markets.
  • Syndicated Market Structure: Lloyd’s of London operates on a unique market structure, where multiple financial backers, known as syndicates, come together to pool and spread risk. This structure allows for a diverse range of risks to be underwritten and for large and complex risks to be shared among multiple parties.
  • Innovation and Expertise: The London reinsurance market is at the forefront of innovation within the industry. It continuously adapts to new challenges, such as climate change and cyber threats, by developing new insurance products and leveraging cutting-edge technology to assess and manage risk.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Regulatory Environment: Navigating the complex and evolving regulatory landscape remains a challenge. Brexit has introduced additional considerations, as the market adjusts to the new regulatory and trading relationships between the UK and the EU.
  • Digital Transformation: The London market is undergoing a significant digital transformation, aiming to enhance efficiency, improve client service, and reduce operational costs. This involves embracing InsurTech solutions, blockchain technology, and advanced data analytics.
  • Global Competition: The London reinsurance market faces increasing competition from other global reinsurance hubs, such as Bermuda, Singapore, and Zurich. These markets offer competitive advantages in terms of regulatory frameworks, tax incentives, and specialization in certain types of risks.

The Future UK Reinsurance Market Outlook

The London reinsurance market is actively addressing its challenges by innovating product offerings, improving operational efficiencies through technology, and maintaining its global leadership in complex and specialty risks.

As it evolves, the market’s ability to adapt to the changing risk landscape and leverage technological advancements will be key to its sustained growth and relevance in the global insurance ecosystem.

The market’s depth, expertise, and capacity for innovation continue to make it an essential part of the worldwide insurance industry.


Fact-checked by Oleg Parashchak – Editor-in-Chief Beinsure Media, CEO Finance Media Holding.