Beinsure Digital Media — digital media platform focused on insurance, InsurTech, cybersecurity, investments, and blockchain technologies. It aims to simplify these industries by providing the latest news, ratings, reviews, and insights. Beinsure serves a global audience interested in finance, insurance, and technology, offering an integrated platform for both industry professionals and the general public.

The content is curated to inform and educate readers about market trends, investment opportunities, and technological advancements in the insurance and InsurTech sectors.

Beinsure is a professional digital platform that provides comprehensive coverage, in-depth analyses, and trusted reviews on a wide range of topics related to insurance and technology

It’s a great resource for investors looking to stay informed on market news, and it also offers helpful tools and resources.

Beinsure Mission

Beinsure’s mission is to provide its audience with useful, unbiased information, helping them better understand their insurance and investment needs.

Covering a wide range of topics, from Re/Insurance and InsurTech to AI, machine learning and blockchain technologies, Beinsure is a go-to source for anyone wanting to stay informed in the fast-changing world of finance and technology

We are building the most influential and trusted information platform for the global finance, re/insurance, and insurtech community, which is transforming the financial and insurance industries. Beinsure is an integrated platform providing outlooks, news, reviews, data, and indices for the next generation of investing and insurance coverage.

Beinsure Media reviews, forecasts and data are featured and cited in the authoritative media:

Beinsure Media reviews, forecasts & data are featured and cited in the authoritative media

General factors that differentiate Beinsure in the digital media and insurance sectors:

  1. Product Offerings: The range, innovation, and customization of informational and advertising products.
  2. Customer Service: High-quality, responsive customer service and an excellent customer experience.
  3. Technology Utilization: We are leverage advanced technology, such as AI and machine learning, to improve customer experience and interaction.
  4. Pricing Structure: Competitive and transparent pricing.
    Market Reputation: A strong brand reputation, built on trust and reliability.
  5. Sustainability Commitment: We are emphasize sustainability and ethical practices.

Beinsure Audience: ~110,000 visits

Beinsure aimed at an international audience interested in the topics of insurance, investments and new technologies. The new Magazine — part of the media holding Finance Media, which owns — the #1 online magazine in Ukraine about insurance & reinsurance technologies and InsurTech with audience more than 1.8+ mn readers per year.

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Beinsure Digital Media
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Beinsure Audience: >56,000 visits by month
Oleg Parashchak, CEO and Editor-in-Chief Beinsure Digital Media
Oleg Parashchak, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

23+ years of professional experience in Insurance & Media
LinkedIn | Twitter | Crunchbase

Our digital media is useful for anyone who is interested in finance or insurance, and is in doubt about choosing an insurance company, crypto or bank. We publish research on global insurance and industry trends.

My reasons for becoming insurance professionals are deeply personal. I repeatedly saw friends struggling to find the information and coverage they needed. I am confident that with our understanding of the insurance space, we can help people better prepare for the future in insurance, insurtech & crypto.

After years in the business, we have developed a good reputation in media, insurance area and consulting.

We have a successful case of launching a digital financial media from scratch into the US and UK highly competitive insurance and insurtech market. In just a year and a half, Beinsure managed to enter the top 5 largest media on insurance topics with an audience of 180 thousand people per month, take the first place among the largest media on insurance technologies, and also become profitable, thanks to the team’s expertise and 23+ years of experience in the media market.

Our Insurance Community

Beinsure Media / Insurance TOP Community
Beinsure Media / Insurance TOP Community
Beinsure Media / Insurance TOP Community
Beinsure Media / Insurance TOP Community
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