Kate Hesk - CPO and co-founder of Cognomie

Kate Hesk – CPO and co-founder of Cognomie

Kate is Chief People Officer at Cognomie, the HRtech platform championing Mental Fitness, and on a mission to make Mental Fitness accessible to all. Groundbreaking accredited coaching and mental fitness services for forward-looking global organisations.

Kate Hesk is the Chief People Officer (CPO) and co-founder of Cognomie, a company focused on enhancing mental fitness through accredited coaching, employee engagement, and wellbeing services. She has a strong background in leadership development and coaching consultancy, having spent 15 years in these fields prior to founding Cognomie. Her earlier career includes 12 years in management and leadership roles within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

At Cognomie, Kate is instrumental in building and supporting a global coaching community, fostering client relationships, and developing transformative coaching and development programs. She emphasizes the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, advocating for compassionate leadership and psychological safety as foundational elements for effective organizational culture.

Kate’s work includes engaging with various professional communities and contributing to the discourse on mental health and leadership. She has been active in promoting the visibility of role models and the significance of leaders embodying positive behaviors around wellbeing and self-care.

We go deep into organisations to strengthen the Foundation of Mental Fitness upon which culture, engagement and performance are built. We do this by offering instant access to expert coaching, counselling and therapy, to build skills, insight, belief and fulfilment at every level. Our groundbreaking service is delivered online by highly qualified practitioners and therapists, via our bespoke digital platform, providing sustainable long-term impact and results for the individual, the company and its leaders.

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