Michelle Radcliffe - Director, Climate Analytics & Exposure Management for WTW's Insurance Consulting & Technology Business WTW.

Michelle Radcliffe – Director at WTW’s Insurance Consulting & Technology Business

Michelle Radcliffe currently holds the role of Director of Climate Analytics & Exposure Management at WTW’s Insurance Consulting & Technology Business. In this capacity, she oversees strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing understanding and management of climate-related risks within the insurance sector.

Michelle brings extensive expertise in leveraging data analytics to assess and mitigate environmental risks, supporting WTW’s efforts to provide comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to evolving climate challenges. Her leadership in this field underscores her commitment to advancing resilience and sustainability in insurance practices.

Radcliffe focuses on climate transition risks and exposure management for underwriting, against a backdrop of changing legislation and market environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

Radcliffe comes to WTW from the international law firm CMS, where as part of its environmental team she advised clients on various aspects of UK Net Zero, the European Green Deal, sustainability and wider climate change and environmental risk management issues. Prior to this role, she was a member of the law firm’s insurance team and developed specialist expertise in advising insurers and reinsurers on climate change risks likely to impact their underwriting books.

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