Sten Saar - CEO at Zego

Sten Saar – CEO at Zego

I’m the CEO and Co-founder of Zego, but I’ve pretty much held every role in the business. I started out in the customer service team, I worked in our finance department and did some work as a researcher, and a tester for our Tech team.

There’s now about 300 of us at Zego and it feels like the responsibility and scope of my role has changed every two months, so it feels like I’ve had about 80 different roles for the last four and a half years.

My professional experience is mostly in startups and small businesses that have developed new value propositions for their customers.

Before I started Zego, I worked at Deliveroo for some time during the company’s infancy, while it was growing incredibly fast. Before that, I worked for a company called One Fine Stay, which is like a more expensive version of Air BnB. Both companies were venture capitalist funded businesses, with a strong emphasis on growth and great products.

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