As well as cover for vet fees, most horse policies will offer optional extras to upgrade your policy for an additional cost: 

  • Compensation if your horse dies, is stolen or strays – a contribution towards the cost of finding your horse, or reimbursing the cost if they die or can’t be found
  • Public liability – covers injury to other people and damage to their property because of an incident involving your horse
  • Loss of use – compensation if you can’t ride, drive or work your horse while it’s injured or unwell
  • Riding equipment – you’ll have cover up to a specified amount for your saddle, bridle and other tack if they’re lost, stolen or damaged
  • Horsebox – you’ll be reimbursed up to a specified amount if your horsebox is lost, damaged or stolen
  • Personal accident and dental cover for the rider – The policy pays out a set amount of compensation for certain injuries you suffer while riding, or if you’re killed. 

The add-ons that are available vary – some horse insurance policies don’t include vet fees as standard and instead cover theft or public liability, with vet fees available as an add-on.  Any optional extras will increase the cost of your policy, so only get ones you really need.