Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects the ships in the event of a crash, attack or collision that leads to sizable damage or loss. The policyholder gets compensated for liability that is beyond control. 

Marine Cargo Insurance

It covers loss/damages caused to the cargo during transit. This coverage also handles damages caused due to delays in unloading or ship accident. This insurance is more beneficial for heavy cargo shipments e.g. tankers because it protects the entire ship.

Marine Hull Insurance

This type provides coverage to the vessel, including furniture and items on the haul. Shipowners must not overlook this particular policy.

Machinery Insurance

All vital machinery on the ship is covered in the case of operational damages, which will undergo analysis by the surveyor before claims compensation. 

Freight Insurance 

Freight Insurance is a policy placed by a third-party company to ensure partial or total coverage for your cargo. It’s an exclusive policy only to the shipper and the particular freight shipment and will only be responsible for the third party’s claims.

Marine Inland Insurance

This coverage is not the same as marine insurance. While Marine insurance covers products transported on the sea, Inland covers products, and items, among other objects transported on land e.g materials transported via trucks.