There are four fields through which all emerging big data technologies can be divided, and these are Data Mining, Storage, Analytics, and Visualization.

Each of these big data methods comes with independent capabilities. You need to know each of these categories since they come with tools that accommodate only specific types of businesses. Before implementing any of the methods, make a big data tools comparison to choose the ones that work best for your business.

Data Storage

This type of big data technology comprises infrastructure designed to fetch, store, and manage big data. Data is organized in a manner that allows easy access, usage, and processing by various programs.

Data Mining

Data mining is the extraction of valuable information from raw data. Usually, this data is in large volumes, with high variability and streaming at tremendous velocity (conditions that make extraction without a unique technology impossible). Below are some top big data technologies used for data mining.

Data Analytics

Big Data analytics involves the cleaning, transformation and modeling of data, for the discovery of information useful for making decisions. The information obtained from the big data analytics tools includes correlations, hidden patterns, customer preferences, and market trends. A variety of sophisticated applications with elements such as statistical algorithms, predictive models, etc. are often used. Below are some of the data analysis technologies you should know.

Data Visualization

Big Data visualization uses powerful computers to ingest raw data derived from corporations. This data is processed to form graphic illustrations that enable people to comprehend large amounts of information in seconds. Below are some top technologies you can use for data visualization.