Guy Carpenter launches a reinsurance strategy optimization platform MetaRisk Live

Guy Carpenter, a leading global risk and reinsurance specialist and a business of Marsh McLennan, announced the launch of MetaRisk Live, a new tool that supports the structuring and optimization of reinsurance strategies in real time.

MetaRisk Live enables clients to evaluate instantly the impact of changes to their reinsurance structure, creating a dynamic process that supports a better understanding of buying decisions.

Leveraging the power of Guy Carpenter’s MetaRisk platform, a comprehensive suite of underwriting, reserve, catastrophe, credit and investment risk capabilities, the tool facilitates enhanced collaboration to develop optimal reinsurance structures.

MetaRisk Live is a example of how we are innovating and collaborating with our clients to drive better and more-informed reinsurance decisions. Our ability to combine advanced analytics and critical thinking to deliver a dynamic, ‘live’ reinsurance structuring experience will help our clients better navigate today’s challenging market environment and bring our engagement to the next level.

John TRACE, CEO, North America

MetaRisk Live generates easy-to-interpret results illustrating the effects of structure adjustments through custom performance indicators, which are tailored to the company’s unique key performance indicators or KPIs.

This real-time evaluation enables a more efficient work process, designed to develop approaches fully aligned to reinsurance goals and objectives more quickly and effectively.

by Nataly Kramer