Lloyd’s results for 1H 2023: underwriting profit of £2.5bn

Lloyd’s of London announced the results for the 1H 2023, with an underwriting profit of £2.5bn (2022: £1.2bn), an investment return of £1.8bn (2022: £3.1bn loss) and a profit before tax of £3.9bn (2022: loss of £1.8bn).

Lloyd’s continued to support profitable underwriting growth, with gross written premium increasing 21.9% to £29.3bn driven by growth from existing syndicates (6.5%), new syndicates (2.2%), foreign currency movements (4.1%) and risk-adjusted rate increases (9.1%). Major claims represented 3.6% of losses in the first half of the year.

The market’s combined ratio improved 6.2 percentage points to 85.2% (2022: 91.4%) demonstrating continued progress in underwriting performance.

A combined ratio is a measure of an insurer’s underwriting profitability based on the ratio of net incurred claims plus net operating expenses to net earned premiums. A combined ratio of 100% is break even (before taking into account investment returns). A ratio less than 100% is an underwriting profit.

Lloyd’s balance sheet continued to strengthen with a central solvency ratio of 438% and market-wide solvency ratio of 194%, showing the market’s capital discipline and resilience through a range of market conditions.

John Neal - CEO, Lloyd’s

We’re pleased to be reporting a strong set of results for the year so far – with profitability in both our underwriting and investments; a leading combined ratio, strong premium growth and a bulletproof balance sheet that means we can support customers through a range of shocks and scenarios

John Neal – CEO, Lloyd’s

Combined with the market’s progress in driving sustainable performance, digitalisation and showing leadership from climate transition to culture change – these results set us up to deliver on Lloyd’s positive financial outlook for 2023.

The key figures* reported in Lloyd’s 2023 half year results are:

The key figures* reported in Lloyd’s 2023 half year results are:
  • Gross written premium of £29.3bn (HY 2022: £24.0bn)
  • Underwriting profit of £2.5bn (HY 2022: £1.2bn)
  • Combined ratio of 85.2% (HY 2022: 91.4%)
  • Net investment return of £1.8bn (HY 2022: loss of £3.1bn)
  • Profit before tax of £3.9bn (HY 2022: loss of £1.8bn)
  • Total capital of £40.8bn (FY 2022: £40.2bn)
  • Central solvency ratio of 438% (FY 2022: 412%)
  • Market-wide solvency ratio of 194% (FY 2022: 181%)

* Foreign exchange rates may materially fluctuate from the rates prevailing at 30 June 2023 (GBP1 = USD1.27, EUR1.17). Premiums, claims and investment income are translated at the average exchange rate for the period to 30 June 2023 (GBP1 = USD1.23, EUR1.14).

Record revenue driven by price and volume growth

22 consecutive quarters of positive price improvement
22 consecutive quarters of positive price improvement

Sustainable performance supports a digital, inclusive and purpose-led market


  • Consistent profitable performance with combined ratio of 85.2% 
  • Strong, profitable growth with 22% rise in premiums to £29.3bn. The risk consists of 4% FX, 9% price and 9% growth
  • Exceptionally strong capital position, with increased central solvency ratio at 438% and increased market-wide solvency ratio at 194%
  • Solid investment yields generating total return of £1.8bn
  • Faster Claims Payment solution available for over 80% of delegated authority business

Lloyd’s strong financial strength ratings are A+ (Strong) stable outlook with Standard & Poor’s, A (Excellent) positive outlook with A.M. Best, AA- (Very Strong) stable outlook with Fitch Ratings and AA- (Very Strong) stable outlook with Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

Robust solvency and positive outlook 

Robust solvency and positive outlook 

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