Swiss Re intends to grow and diversify natural catastrophe portfolio

Swiss Re has reported that it intends to “further grow and diversify” its natural catastrophe portfolio as it capitalizes on opportunities to hedge the current volatile environment with insurance solutions.

Challenges such as global geopolitical tensions, macroeconomic developments and climate change have resulted in heightened demand for risk protection.

Re/insurers, in response, need to increase their capacity by focusing on modelling and contract certainty to ensure their pricing is adequate for the risks taken.

While the market remains volatile, increased risk awareness and exposures will result in more demand for insurance protection across all businesses and regions, the reinsurer added, which should translate into a positive outlook for premiums.

Swiss Re also claims that it is “well positioned” to navigate these market conditions and expand its exposure, given its significant research team and focus on the renewable energy sector.

On top of impacts from COVID-19 and increasing losses from natural catastrophes, the re/insurance industry is now confronted with issues like inflation, risk of recession and geopolitical tensions

Swiss Re’s Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance, Moses Ojeisekhoba

“We have proven our resilience by supporting clients and society throughout the last years by paying large insurance claims. As we see cost drivers accelerating in this dynamic risk environment, insurance premiums must be carefully calibrated to keep pace.”

To enable the insurance industry to keep up with increasing demand, three factors will be key: evaluating and modelling the evolving trends, ensuring a shared understanding of contractual terms and generating improved technical margins to reflect the effective risk.

In times like these, when challenges manifest themselves in the form of heightened risks, Swiss Re are well positioned to navigate these turbulent times together.

“By leveraging our risk knowledge, capital strength and client franchise, and providing innovative solutions we continue to create value for our clients. This is supported by our leading data and analytics capabilities, which will play a key role for future success.”

by Nataly Kramer