Darren Pain, Director Cyber and Evolving Liability The Geneva Association

Darren Pain is an economist with extensive experience researching strategic issues facing the insurance industry. He previously worked at the Swiss Re Institute, where he was the lead author of multiple sigma studies and publications covering topics in both life and non-life insurance.

“With a truly global reach, membership body of insurance CEOs and deep connections to academia and other think tanks, The Geneva Association has the perfect vantage point to push the frontiers of research and tackle real-world issues facing the insurance sector

“I am very much looking forward to contributing to that research and helping to improve the broader understanding of insurance’s important societal role in managing risk”.

Prior to that, Darren worked at the Bank of England and the European Central Bank in various analyst and management roles.

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How Cyber Insurance Market to Adapt to Changing Threat Landscape?" class="attachment-csco-thumbnail size-csco-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="How Cyber Insurance Market Adapt to the Changing Threat Landscape?">
How Cyber Insurance Market Adapt to the Changing Threat Landscape?
The cyber insurance market continues to evolve and adapt to the changing threat landscape, as cybercriminals and nation states exploit security vulnerabilities