Oliver Troop – Senior Financial Analyst Business Intelligence at Aon

Oliver Troop Senior Financial Analyst at Aon

Oliver Troop currently holds the position of Senior Financial Analyst specializing in Business Intelligence at Aon. His role involves analyzing financial data and providing strategic insights to support decision-making within the company.

Oliver brings extensive experience in financial analysis and a deep understanding of business intelligence tools and methodologies. His contributions play a pivotal role in enhancing financial forecasting and optimizing business performance at Aon.

Sell-side equity research covering European insurance. Lead analyst for Lancashire (the Lloyd’s insurer). I also write sector pieces and lead the insurance team’s ESG work, including in-depth reports on climate change risks and opportunities for insurers and on CEO-shareholder alignment.

I spend the rest of my time working closely with the senior analysts to produce in-depth industry and stock research. Put together an analysis of Asian life insurance markets for our launch on AIA and wrote deep dives on the French, Italian and German life insurance markets as part of a piece on the future of European life insurance in a low rate world.

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Financial Performance of Leading Reinsurers in the Global Market" class="attachment-csco-thumbnail size-csco-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Financial Performance of Leading Reinsurers in the Global Market">
Financial Performance of Leading Reinsurers in the Global Market
Aon’s Reinsurance Aggregate analyses the financial results of 19 reinsures that together underwrite more than 50% of the world’s life and non-life reinsurance premiums