Piyush Dubey - Partner Kearney

Piyush Dubey – Partner Kearney

Piyush started with Kearney’s New York office in 2013, transferred to the Middle East in 2019, and has lived the Kearney spirit throughout. During his time within the firm, he has worked in more than 15 countries and in every continent with a Kearney office.

Piyush’s areas of deep expertise include payments, insurance, and banking as a consultant and as part of industry roles over the past 15+ years in the Middle East and North America. He has led strategic transformations (including next-gen product innovation and rollout, digital transformation, operating model design and implementation) at various global financial services clients. He is focused on driving national-level next-gen payments innovation across GCC countries, digital transformation and growth agenda for banks and insurers, and partnership opportunities for fintechs.

“Financial sectors are at the forefront of innovation and that’s the most exciting part of working with clients across payments, insurance, and banking,” he says. “Financial services CXOs have to continuously modernize and embrace new technologies and use cases and deliver increasingly innovative products in an increasingly digital service delivery.” Piyush is driven by diversity across client problems, people, perspectives, and entities to promote his own continuous learning and deliver fresh ideas to clients.

That kind of continuous learning requires deep trust and collaboration. “Ultimately, consulting is a relationship-driven business,” he says. “We as consultants have to make sure that we understand the specificities of our clients and make concerted efforts to co-create the solutions that are relevant and pragmatic.”

Piyush is a frequent author in national and international publications such as The National, The Fintech Times, and Gulf Business. He holds an MBA from The Ohio State University, US and a Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur.

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