Simon James Robin Ainsworth - Associate Managing Director Moody's

Simon James Robin Ainsworth – Associate Managing Director Moody’s

Co-Head of EMEA Insurance and Head of Nordic, Baltic and South East European Banking at Moody’s Investors Service.

I am a community-minded successful professional with a background in bank credit risk, central bank policy and operations. I have first-class leadership, analytical and problem solving skills. I am experienced at negotiation and consistently deliver under pressure.

I am currently an Associate Managing Director at Moody’s Investors Service,responsible for leading our Nordic banks rating team and co-heading our EMEA Insurance franchise.

Immediately prior to joining Moody’s I was responsible for leading the team which formulates the Bank of England’s risk, pricing and collateral eligibility policies, in particular focussing on eligibility and pricing of private sector collateral (principally portfolios of loans, ABS and Covered Bonds). In doing so Ied a major (internal and external facing) innovative project to accept portfolios of loans as collateral.

I also played a key role in the Bank’s response to the financial crisis, leading the team that provided Emergency Liquidity to Northern Rock and advising on the successful resolutions of Bradford and Bingley, Dunfermline Building Society.

I have served as a private secretary to the current Governor, have had responsiblity for the Bank of England’s Note Circulation Scheme, led work on crisis and business continuity issues and served on the Bank’s sterling markets desk.

I enjoy working in roles which combine strategic thinking policy formation and running operational functions.

I served as District Councillor councillor for 12 years including 5 years in Tandridge Council’s political leadership team.

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