Croatian Non-life Insurance rising, life falling according to the market results in Q3 2022

According to the data of the Croatian Insurance authority, by September 2022, GWP of the insurance companies reached HRK 9.73 billion (~EUR 1.28 billion), which represents an increase of 7.90% y-o-y.

The non-life segment makes up 77.57% of the total market, which is HRK 7.55 billion and is 10.65% higher than a year ago.

Liability insurance of motor vehicle owners continues to be the most popular class with a gross premium of HRK 2.39 billion. The class recorded a growth of 6.90% y-o-y, its share in the total premium is 24.56% and 31.66% in the non-life segment.

The life segment generated HRK 2.18 billion and saw a decrease of 0.62%. Life insurance accounts for 22.43% of the total market (in 2021, its share was 24.35%).

The largest share is classic life insurance with a premium of HRK 1.64 billion, which is lower by 9.26% compared to 2021. The share of this class in the life portfolio is 75.38%, and in the total premium is 16.91%.