Foreign drivers cause about 3% of accidents and collisions on Polish roads

In 2023, drivers of vehicles with foreign registration numbers caused 12.8 thousand accidents and collisions, according to the data of the Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau (PBUK). This was almost at the same level as a year before, but nearly a quarter less than two years ago.

PBUK noted that the number of collisions and accidents caused by foreign drivers on Polish roads has remained in recent years on average at the level of about 15 thousand: in 2021 – 17 thousand, in 2022 – 12.7 thousand (-25.3%), and in 2023 – 12.8 thousand.

As the data of the Polish police show, in 2023 there were 22.8 thousand road accidents and 422.6 thousand collisions, which means that foreign drivers were responsible for slightly more than 3% of the total number of events.

According to PBUK, last year’s number of Green Card claims in Poland was similar to the result for 2022.

The shares of vehicles from other countries in the number of damages caused in Poland has not changed – Germany is still leading (28.05% of the total number of incidents), followed by Ukraine (13.16%), Lithuania (7.55%), Belarus (6.67%), Czech Rep (5.47%), Slovakia (3.7%), Great Britain (3.34%) and Russia (3.13%), the press-release said.

by Yana Keller