Ping An upgraded Ping An Family Doctor

Ping An Insurance Company of China has upgraded its “Ping An Family Doctor” brand with a one-stop, proactive health management services system and a commitment to providing “proactive health management, chronic disease control, and full disease management” to users.

Ping An Health’s upgraded “Ping An Family Doctor” introduces a comprehensive one-stop proactive health management services system.

Customers are offered worry-free, time-saving, and money-saving one-stop family healthcare management services through the support of a dedicated family doctor (see Costs for Employer Healthcare & Insurance).

To meet the growing health needs of the public, developing family doctor services and searching for a better service operation model has become an inevitable trend in the new era health system reform.

Ping An upgraded Ping An Family Doctor - health management system

Ping An Health, the flagship of the Ping An Group’s healthcare and senior care ecosystem, focuses on delivering “family doctor” and “senior care concierges” services, and has evolved into a one-stop provider of professional, comprehensive, high-quality health and senior care management services.

As a world-leading financial brand, Ping An never forgets its original aspiration and vision, remains customer-needs oriented and provides healthcare services, to further promote systemic development of ‘Internet + Family Doctor’, and support the national ‘Healthy China’ vision.

Michael Guo, Group Co-CEO

According to Global Medical Trend Rates Outlook, as of 2023, users with family doctor membership were close to 13 million, with more than 98% of users indicating 100% satisfaction with its medical consultation service.

The proactive health management system includes:

  1. A team of professional family doctors certified by Peking University International Hospital and the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA).
  2. A 5A standard service process, guided by the General Practice Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and certified by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).
  3. Tailored health management services for sub-healthy individuals, chronic disease patients, and those with medical conditions.
  4. Access to 12 scarce medical resources for those in need.

“Ping An Family Doctor” commits to “proactive health management, chronic disease control, and full disease management.” This commitment involves different actions for various patient groups.

For sub-healthy individuals, the service develops high-quality health management plans using automated health records and instant physical examination report interpretations

For chronic disease patients, the service integrates IoT real-time monitoring and high-risk warnings with a 21-day lifestyle management program to alleviate symptoms.

For individuals with medical conditions, it offers comprehensive disease management, including 24/7 pre-hospital consultations, recommendations for top doctors and hospitals, appointment assistance, full-time nursing during hospitalization, and personalized recovery guides with follow-up visits for a smooth recovery.

The enhancement of “Ping An Family Doctor” is supported by the use of leading medical technology.

Ping An Health has developed five significant databases over the years: for diseases, prescriptive medicine, medical products, medical resources and personal healthcare.

The company has developed the world’s most comprehensive knowledge map in the medical field. It has constructed an innovative multimodal medical large language model (LLM) and 12 artificial intelligence (AI) business models on this foundation.

Ping An’s “insurance + healthcare” business strategy has thrived recently. This approach integrates medical and healthcare services with financial products like insurance.

The “Ping An Zhen Xiang RUN 2023 Health Services Plan” exemplifies this synergy, offering health management for chronic diseases, general health, and medical care alongside wealth management and risk protection.

In 2023, over 20 mn Ping An life insurance customers used Ping An’s healthcare services, achieving a 99% satisfaction rate and double-digit growth year-on-year.

Going forward, Ping An Health will strengthen its family doctor service system, the core of its business. The focus will be on providing proactive health management solutions tailored to the public’s growing medical and health needs.

Yana Keller  by Yana Keller