Elena Jelmini Cellerini - Senior Claims & Key Case Expert Swiss Re

Elena Jelmini Cellerini – Senior Claims & Key Case Expert Swiss Re

Since 2014, Elena has been focusing on cyber claims and was appointed Global Cyber Claims Network Leader for the Group in 2019. In this role, Elena oversees the cyber claims situation and is responsible for legal and claims thought leadership.

Elena joined Swiss Re in 1994 in Zurich, Switzerland. Over the years, Elena has been holding various claims roles for different lines of business and geographies in the core Reinsurance business as well as with Swiss Re Corporate Solutions which is the Group’s direct insurance entity. 

In addition to her cyber responsibilities, Elena works as Senior Advisor for the EMEA and Asia regions within the Key Case Committee which oversees complex and multijurisdictional claims.

Elena studied law at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.  She is a fully qualified Attorney-at-Law and licensed to practice law in Switzerland.

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