US bicycle insurtech BikeInsure hired Ira Becker as President

BikeInsure, an insurtech company specializing in bicycle insurance for cyclists in the United States, is pleased to announce that it has hired Ira Becker as President of BikeInsure.

The original standard bicycle insurance product aims to provide every bicycle and eBike owner across the United States with comprehensive bicycle coverage at a reasonable price.

In addition, BikeInsure strives to meet every cyclist who wants to find a bicycle product or service that they like.

Ira will lead the business development with each BikeInsure Partnership Integration that will take insurance attached to a new level of frictionless engagement

BikeInsure CEO Buzzy Cohn

As a result, each bike brand or eBike, Independent Bike Shop Dealer, or bicycle organization partnership customer will be referred directly to BikeInsure to sign up in two easy minutes to secure comprehensive bike insurance.

Cyclists today need independent insurance policies to protect their new or used bicycles and eBikes. BikeInsure provides reimbursement for repairs to registered bikes and accessories due to riding accidents. And during transit. The BikeInsure plan covers stolen bikes or eBike when optional theft protection is selected.

Ira served most recently as President of BicycleBlueBook. He guides bike organizations to bike valuation tools that are used by both consumers and the bike industry. As a result, more than 3,000 independent bicycle dealers have adopted’s Authorized Trade-In Program.

I am very pleased to join BikeInsure and contribute to providing the best standard bicycle insurance offering possible

BikeInsure President, Ira Becker

BikeInsure uses eCommerce technology to transform the way bicyclists in the United States buy and experience bike insurance to make it easy and affordable.

by Nataly Kramer