International insurance broker Howden acquires Italian broker Assimovie

International insurance brokerage Howden has agreed to acquire Assimovie, a TV, film and advertising insurance broker based in Italy.

The transaction is part of its commitment to invest in expertise by creating a sport and entertainment specialty for the benefit of Italian clients. The deal will also give it one of the largest TV and film production books of business in Italy, with a goal of becoming a leading sport and entertainment broker in Europe.

Assimovie was founded in 2013 by Valeria and Camilla Guglielmotti, and it has a portfolio of film production insurance originating from wholesale broking and direct activity. Assimovie has grown substantially in the past five years, driven by the global increase in demand for TV, film and general content policies.

Team at Assimovie provide the skills and local market expertise that will allow Howden to expand and enhance its sport and entertainment offering both in Italy and across Continental Europe

Duncan Fraser, sport and entertainment global practice leader at Howden

“Their specialist and market leading position seamlessly aligns with our strategy for the Italian sport and entertainment sector and ambition to capitalise on anticipated growth in the European market more broadly.”

“In the last 10 years we have established Assimovie as the TV and film broker of choice in the Italian market, taking advantage of growing global demand to achieve impressive growth since 2017,” said Assimovie co-founders Valeria and Camilla Guglielmotti.

by Nataly Kramer