Workers’ compensation insurer Pie Insurance

Pie Insurance, the specialist provider of cover for small businesses, has forged three, key partnerships to drive its solutions in the marketplace.

Pie Insurance is a business insurance startup focused on workers’ compensation coverage.

Founded in 2017, the company currently sells workers’ comp in 38 states plus Washington, D.C. Its policies are underwritten by Sirius America, a global insurer.

If you’re shopping for workers’ compensation insurance, consider getting a quote from Pie. Pie offers a variety of payment plans and works with CorVel, an experienced insurance administration company, to handle claims. You can answer a few questions online to see an estimated premium amount, but you’ll have to call Pie to finalize your quote.

However, if other types of business insurance are higher on your priority list, consider different insurance companies. Pie refers shoppers to third parties for business owner’s policies, commercial auto insurance and more.

The partnerships have been chosen to enhance Pie Insurance services to its customers, and include new quoting services as well as submission management enhancement.

Pie’s workers’ compensation insurance has been tailored to the needs of small businesses, providing coverage directly through the company’s website, via independent insurance agents, and through payroll providers. The quoting process for small businesses also obtains decisions on 73% of class codes when they access the company’s partner portal.

The insured, which is also a leading tech-enabled provider of workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses, has chosen to partner with Bold Penguin, Tarmika and Talage – an API-driven submission management platform for commercial insurance.

Bold Penguin provides state-of-the-art quote and bind commercial insurance. The commercial insurance exchange connects customers, agents, and carriers to match the right quote. Founded as an insurtech innovator, the company rapidly increases speed-to-bind of commercial insurance.

We aim to work with partners that share our strong belief in the power of technology, and its ability to make small business insurance more affordable and simple.

Dax Craig, president and co-founder of Pie

Meanwhile, Tarmika specialises in seamless quoting for independent agents, speeding up a process that is often time-consuming and complex – and provides a single-entry solution designed to streamline the quoting process.

The news follows the insurtech’s recent announcement earlier this year, that it was moving into two more US states, namely Alabama and Oregon. The expansion increased Pie Insurance’s footprint to include 38 states and Washington, D.C., representing 89% of small businesses in the US.

Bold Penguin, Talage and Tarmika have built world-class, digitally connected platforms that provide insurance agents with the tools they need to quickly quote and bind policies on behalf of their clients.

Workers’ compensation startup Pie Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance is Pie’s flagship product. Business owners can get quotes by entering some basic information online and then calling Pie for more information.

Workers’ comp is strictly regulated at the state level, so there is little variation in policies from one provider to another. The difference is in how much coverage costs and how claims are handled.

Pie says it offers cheaper business insurance than competitors, but you’ll have to compare several quotes to know for sure.

Through a pay-as-you-go plan, in which Pie works with your payroll provider to determine your premiums and then automatically deducts them. No upfront payment is required

The cost of workers’ compensation insurance depends on the size of your payroll. Linking your premium payments to your payroll can help ensure that you’re paying the correct amount.

Claims are handled by the CorVel Corporation, a company that manages workers’ compensation claims for partners as large as Ohio’s monopolistic workers’ comp fund.

If an injury happens in the workplace, you’ll report the incident directly to CorVel. The injured worker can talk to a nurse and get connected to medical providers in CorVel’s network. Throughout the claims process, they can access indemnity payments, pharmacy cards and other resources in CorVel’s app.

by Peter Sonner