Adrita Bhattacharya-Craven – Director Health & Ageing Geneva Association

Adrita Bhattacharya-Craven is the Research Director of Health and Ageing at the Geneva Association (GA), a leading global think tank dedicated to the insurance industry.

Her work at the GA focuses on the strategic and long-term research priorities of health and life insurers which is undertaken in collaboration with CEOs and executives of GA member companies, academic institutions as well as global organisations.

Her work reflects the growing convergence of life and health insurances, against the backdrop of an emerging risk landscape brought about by new disease patterns, ageing, technology and other market disruptors that are central considerations for improving consumer access to risk protection and business sustainability.

Prior to joining the GA, Adrita has worked extensively in global health across the public and private sectors as well as with global bilateral and multilateral organisations. She specialises in strategic purchasing of healthcare, health market analysis and have closely supported several high-level health financing interventions internationally.

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