Eastern Alliance Insurance selected CLARA Analytics' insurtech platform

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProAssurance Corporation, has selected the CLARAty:ai platform developed by insurtech CLARA Analytics, a provider of artificial intelligence technology for insurance claims optimization, to enhance medical outcomes for injured workers, improve reserve accuracy, and lighten administrative burdens for claims professionals.

CLARA’s claims platform combines predictive analytics with advanced AI to offer a comprehensive claims management solution.

The AI models analyze diverse data sources, including claims data, medical records, and legal documents.

This enables the system to provide actionable recommendations for optimal next steps and cost containment strategies, helping to prevent claim escalation.

Eastern Alliance will use CLARA’s platform to tackle rising medical costs. They plan to implement CLARA Optics for medical document intelligence, CLARA Treatment to direct care to top medical providers, and CLARA Triage to focus on high-severity claims early.

CLARA’s capability to deliver ROI through their AI platform truly distinguished them from the competition

Kevin Shook, President at Eastern Alliance

“We foresee considerable operational efficiencies and loss reductions that will create substantial value and reduce the manual workload for our claims professionals. Ultimately, this can result in savings for us and our insureds and help injured workers return to wellness and productivity faster”, stated Kevin Shook.

CLARA’s AI platform analyzes structured and unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs) tuned for insurance claims. These insights help claims professionals make informed decisions. CLARA’s customers often achieve over 500% ROI.

This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to revolutionize insurance claims management

Heather Wilson, CEO of CLARA Analytics

Workers’ compensation claims often include extensive documentation. CLARA Optics uses predictive AI, GenAI, and LLMs to automate medical records transcription, extract key details, and provide actionable insights (see Costs for Employer Healthcare & Insurance. Top Trends).

This reduces document review time, leading to faster case resolution, lower workloads, and better outcomes for injured workers and their employers.

CLARA Treatment uses a nationwide database of millions of workers’ compensation claims to provide insights on medical provider performance. CLARA Triage helps identify high-risk claims early for proactive resolution, supporting decision-making and accurate reserving.

Injured workers receive appropriate care, and Eastern Alliance’s claims professionals can focus on the most critical claims.

With the launch of CLARAty, CLARA redefines what should be considered as part of the core ecosystem. Rather than rely on separate claims solutions for different casualty lines, CLARA supports workers’ comp, auto liability, and general liability claims, with more to come in the near future.

CLARAty surfaces relevant information throughout the claim life cycle, providing an intelligence layer across traditional core systems, and transforms workflows. This novel approach accelerates the use of AI to drive rapid resolution of claims with the best possible outcomes.

By bringing all this data into a single intelligence layer, CLARA is also able to offer claims professionals new generative AI functions for advanced explainability on specific claims or entire claim portfolios.

Users can summarize insights and next steps for a prescriptive solution that moves past alerts for a more forward-thinking, proactive experience. For example, CLARA’s generative AI technology could summarize a legal demand, inform the user of what’s coming, and provide insight into how they could proactively respond to that legal demand.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner