InsurTech Pattern launches of groundbreaking service FlexIt

Pattern, a InsurTech specializing in customized embedded insurance and non-insurance products, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking service, FlexIt.

Designed to provide cancellation flexibility for non-refundable bookings, FlexIt empowers travel, booking, and registration retailers to offer their customers an immediate, no-questions-asked cancellation option.

According to Expedia’s most recent Path to Purchase report, 28% of travelers look for travel brands that offer flexible cancellation policies or refundable rates. Pattern’s platform is meeting that need with FlexIt.

FlexIt seamlessly integrates into the booking pathway of Online Travel Agencies, event booking companies, and any business dealing with non-refundable reservations, effectively transforming them into refundable bookings.

InsurTech Pattern

This new service redefines customer experience by eliminating the need for complex claim forms or restrictive reasons for cancellations.

FlexIt’s coverage extends across all regions where Pattern operates, ensuring a global reach. Existing Pattern customers can seamlessly access FlexIt through Pattern’s embedded protections platform.

Joyce Segall, Global Head of Insurance Innovation and Strategy at Pattern

Today’s consumers are looking for maximum flexibility around refundability with the ability to cancel without the hassle of filling out claim forms or deciphering a list of covered reasons. FlexIt allows consumers to book with confidence knowing they can cancel their booking for any reason, no questions asked.

Joyce Segall, Global Head of Insurance Innovation and Strategy at Pattern

The service is available as a standalone offer for prospective online retailers seeking cancellation flexibility or as part of a more comprehensive protection offering.

InsurTech Pattern

Trip cancellation products like CFAR have always come with their fair share of limitations and are not widely available with every purchase, which has been confusing and frustrating to many of our customers. This is not your standard CFAR insurance.

We’ve reimagined this product based on market needs. It is easily configured and embedded in every business, booking and customer journey in minutes, and using machine learning, it addresses every flexibility need, with a personalized cancellation service.

Ido Hertz, Head of Product Management at Pattern

Pattern Insurance invites businesses to explore FlexIt and revolutionize their booking processes by providing customers with unprecedented cancellation flexibility.

Pattern, a global InsurTech MGA that empowers online travel, recreation, and events companies to design, build and distribute insurance offerings in their customer journey.

Pattern protections address risks associated with a change of plans, travel disruption, inclement weather and medical assistance, amongst others, to build consumer confidence and boost revenues. Patterns parametric protections dispense customer compensation automatically when an event is triggered.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner