Zorro secured $11.5 mn for health benefits platform for employees, employers & brokers

Insurtech Zorro, a pioneer in optimizing the health benefits experience for employees, employers and brokers, has announced its launch out of stealth, along with an $11.5 million seed funding round co-led by Pitango and 10D.

The funds will be used to further expand R&D efforts and scale customer operations.

The process of offering employee benefits is complicated, opaque and burdensome. For employers and brokers, offering benefits often results in unpredictable budgets, endless administration, and a distraction from the core business.

For employees, health benefits are generic and too often, completely out of their control.

Zorro analyzes employers’ benefit objectives to create a top-down predictable budget and benefit allowance per employee or group of employees. It also provides an end-to-end insurance management solution that offers a single, comprehensive platform making administering benefits seamless and effective.

Additionally, Zorro acts as a financial companion and analyzes employees’ healthcare needs, family situation, risk tolerance and other personal characteristics.

It then generates a recommended benefit bundle consisting of health insurance, supplemental coverages, specialized digital health solutions, and other financial value-add services.

Zorro secured $11.5 mn for health benefits platform for employees, employers & brokers

Guy Ezekiel, Co-founder & CEO is a seasoned executive with a deep passion for improving healthcare. Through his experience as CEO of multiple healthcare startups, an executive at Fortune 100 companies, and a Managing Partner of a dedicated HealthTech Venture Capital fund, Guy has developed a deep understanding of how to drive change in the industry. 

These experiences have helped him to develop a truly huge vision: to build a real game-changing company that will tackle affordability and access to care–the most fundamental problems in healthcare–at their root. 

Maya Perl, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer is an industry and policy expert with deep experience in healthcare, financial services, and technology.  Having experienced first-hand how messy medical financial issues can be, her passion for making a positive impact is as personal as it is professional. 

Maya worked as a senior consultant at McKinsey and PwC and has a background in health policy from Harvard and MIT. She’s thrilled to be leveraging her experience to help drive meaningful change in the industry. 

Zorro sits at the exciting intersection of the healthcare and financial sectors, and we’re proud to have developed a technology that makes offering employee health insurance plans more transparent, cost-effective and personalized

Guy Ezekiel, CEO and co-founder of Zorro

“Our solution flips the outdated health benefits model upside down and gives employers predictability, while providing employees with the coverage that best fits their needs”.

The multi-disciplinary expertise that exists among the Zorro team members, including in healthcare, insuretech, software and big data, is a unique asset that allows to accomplish important mission of improving access to quality and affordable healthcare.

Zorro’s founders have leveraged their strong backgrounds in healthcare, financial investments and technology to address an unmet need in the market

Rami Kalish, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Pitango

This new model that simplifies the employee health benefit selection process will undoubtedly see quick adoption by small to medium-sized businesses due to its ease of use and immediate return on investment.

“Almost 90% of employers plan to make changes to their health vendor partnerships in the next two years, but are still lacking the tools to offer employees personalized health insurance,” said Yahal Zilka, Managing Partner, at 10D.

By prioritizing the health and financial requirements of employees, Zorro is putting the employee in control to ensure maximum and ideal insurance coverage.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner