Insurtech NEXT Insurance launches employment liability insurance for Restaurants

NEXT Insurance, a digital insurtech transforming small business insurance, today announced its renewed commitment to small business restaurant owners with the expansion of Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), which is now available with general liability in 28 states plus Washington, DC.

Continuing with its mission to help entrepreneurs thrive by innovating and enhancing its product offerings, NEXT’s EPLI coverage provides additional protection for business owners against lawsuits involving discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and more.

One of small businesses’ largest concerns and pain points is having the right financial protection set up if they’re held responsible for common workplace accidents or staring down employment practice lawsuits.

Small businesses, including restaurants, can be more susceptible to employment practice claims because they often lack human resource departments, employee handbooks or legal staff, making them prime targets for customer and employment lawsuits related to rights violations, wrongful discipline, benefits mismanagement among many others.

Additionally, EPLI coverage can also help pay for legal expenses associated with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance complaints, for example, if a claim is filed that alleges improper wheelchair access to your restaurant.

Employment practice lawsuits can be costly to resolve and emotionally draining, which is especially important now for those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic like restaurant owners

Richard Yeung, Vice President of Insurance at NEXT

“EPLI is a distinct type of insurance coverage that helps pay for legal fees for discrimination claims, that may not be covered by other policies like workers’ compensation. This expansion of NEXT’s offerings provides our customers with additional protection so that they can focus on growing a successful business rather than stressing over financial concerns in the wake of investigation costs, judgments or settlements.”

Data from NEXT’s survey of restaurant-goers earlier this spring found that enthusiasm for dining out (and at-home delivery from local restaurants) is still high on many consumers’ to-do lists, despite the continuing pandemic risks involved.

Pairing high restaurant turnout with a restaurant labor shortage, small business owners are operating in a high-risk environment, making EPLI coverage even more critical to protecting their livelihood.

With the launch of EPLI Insurance for restaurants, NEXT is offering $25,000 in EPLI coverage as part of its Pro package and $50,000 in EPLI coverage as part of its Pro + package to new and existing customers.

by Peter Sonner