insurtech Sisu launched Sympli Insurance

Sisu, a real estate software company based in Kaysville, Utah, has recently unveiled Sympli, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enabling its clients to establish their own enterprises in the mortgage, insurance, and title sectors.

Established in 2016, Sisu specializes in real estate workflow automation, offering a suite of product features that include analytics for leads and transactions, management solutions for transactions and back-office operations, platforms for sales contests, and a client portal that can be branded by customers.

Since its foundation, the company has successfully raised $5 million and has grown its team to approximately 50 professionals.

Sympli Insurance marks a new step forward, offering clients the opportunity to generate revenue and own their book-of-business in various insurance domains, such as home, life, automobile, and pet insurance, through a strategic partnership with Hello Covered.

insurtech Sisu launched Sympli Insurance

Brian Charlesworth, CEO and Founder of Sisu, emphasizes the transformative potential of Sympli within the real estate sector.

He states, “Sympli represents more than a mere business collaboration; it acts as a force for industry-wide transformation. By enabling our clients to venture into the mortgage, insurance, and title markets, we are unlocking new pathways for their growth and financial success.”

Frank A. Felice, CRO of Sisu, further clarifies the vision behind Sympli, highlighting its aim to empower real estate teams and brokerages to take control and monetize the entire transaction process legally.

Frank A. Felice points out the importance of this initiative in the current environment, where commission pressures, rising lead platform fees, and legal challenges necessitate a strategic differentiation from competitors.

Felice elaborates, “Sympli is about equipping our clients with the necessary tools, technology, and support team to thrive in a competitive landscape marked by increasing pressures. Our goal is to facilitate the creation of RESPA-compliant ancillary businesses that not only diversify income streams but also significantly distinguish our clients from their competitors.”

insurtech Sisu launched Sympli Insurance

This initiative by Sisu reflects a strategic response to the evolving demands of the real estate industry, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the need for diversification and enhanced customer experience.

By leveraging Sympli, real estate professionals are provided with a opportunity to expand their services, thereby increasing their competitiveness and profitability in a challenging market.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner