Japanese insurer Tokio Marine Insurance and Arbor Ventures building future of insurtech & digital transformation

Tokio Marine Asia announced a strategic partnership with Arbor Ventures, a leading global Fintech / InsurTech-focused venture capital firm, headquartered in Singapore. This partnership, established through its Innovation Lab in Singapore, marks Tokio Marine’s commitment to accelerating the digital transformation of the global insurance industry.

The Tokyo-headquartered insurance group has been promoting transformational digital initiatives on a global basis, leveraging on collaborations with startups and service providers with key strategic capabilities.

To accelerate the identification and development of new business models, Tokio Marine Holdings has announced earlier in April 2022 on the launch of its corporate venture capital fund partnering with World Innovation Lab, Tokio Marine Future Fund, to invest in early-stage startups.

Tokio Marine will identify and invest directly in high-growth potential startups through the CVC Fund in addition to partnering with Arbor and other leading VCs for unique insights and access to promising startups leading the digital transformation in Insurance. Arbor’s addition to Tokio Marine’s group of collaborative VCs significantly heightens its future opportunities.

Arbor’s target to create the future of fintech resonates with Tokio Marine’s digital strategy. With Arbor’s network and astute scouting of startups with strong potential in the fintech space, it will greatly complement Tokio Marine’s collaborative efforts to serve innovative products and services in the insurance industry and beyond.

Masashi Namatame, Group Chief Digital Officer at Tokio Marine Holdings

Melissa Guzy, Managing Partner of Arbor Ventures, adds: “Tokio Marine is a world-renowned leader that Arbor is proud to add as a strategic partner in building the future of fintech and insurtech. Arbor looks forward to building the next generation of transformational insurtech startups together.”

Arbor is a global FinTech/InsurTech-focused VC with offices in Singapore, USA, Japan as well as a presence in EMENA. Arbor’s global connectivity and portfolio as well as its engagement in local markets will further enable Tokio Marine group’s innovation labs, spread across seven cities, including Singapore, to collaborate broadly with synergy beyond borders.

It adds to the launch of Tokio Marine’s corporate venture capital fund announced earlier this year, which it is using to invest in early-stage insurtech startups.

Tokio Marine will leverage Arbor Ventures, as well as other leading VCs, to gain unique insights and access to promising startups who are spearheading digital transformation within insurance.

Tokio Marine was established in the year 1879 as the first insurance company in Japan and has grown over the decades, now offering an extensive selection of General and Life insurance products and solutions in 46 countries and regions worldwide.

by Peter Sonner