Insurtech AgentSync sequred $50 mn co-led by Craft Ventures and Valor Ventures

Insurtech AgentSync announced an additional $50 mn fundraise co-led by existing investors Craft Ventures and Valor Ventures, bringing the company’s total funding to date to $161 mn.

This round of capital allows AgentSync to double down delivering best-in-class products for the nation’s largest and most respected carriers.

Since raising the Series B in Q4 2022, AgentSync has seen 3x ARR growth and more than 2x customer growth. AgentSync works with more than 200 insurance companies spanning carriers, MGAs, and agencies, covering all lines of insurance.

Founded in 2018 by Niranjan “Niji” Sabharwal and Jenn Knight, and headquartered in Denver, CO, AgentSync builds modern insurance infrastructure that connects carriers, agencies, MGAs, and producers.

Niranjan Sabharwal and Jenn Knight - co-founders AgentSync
Niranjan Sabharwal and Jenn Knight – co-founders AgentSync

AgentSync has always stood out from competitors thanks to its flexible cloud-native solutions, ability to solve complex, entrenched issues, and strong customer success.

Given the current headwinds sectors of the insurance industry are facing, investing in modern, scalable infrastructure to manage distribution has never been more important.

Niji Sabharwal, co-founder and CEO AgentSync

With AgentSync, customers have the flexibility to quickly and intelligently ramp distribution channels up or down as needed. This drives massive distribution channel-related cost savings when efficiently executed through software

Niji Sabharwal, co-founder and CEO AgentSync

“Helping customers adapt quickly and manage risk and expenses during tough market conditions is extremely rewarding – especially knowing that they’re building bulletproof distribution infrastructure for when the markets improve”, Niji Sabharwal sayd.

AgentSync’s infrastructure solves a vital problem in the insurance industry: effective and efficient distribution. By establishing flexible, scalable connections between insurance distributors and underwriters, AgentSync powers and streamlines the delivery of insurance products.

Insurtech AgentSync

AgentSync has become core infrastructure for hundreds of insurance companies, helping them scale distribution and reduce costs

Brian Murray, Partner at Craft Ventures

The company continues to aggressively build and innovate with a focus on SaaS and API solutions that create data visibility and efficiencies for insurers, and exceptional experiences for agents and brokers.

With customer-centric design, seamless APIs, automation, and service, AgentSync’s solutions provide data intelligence and streamlined onboarding and compliance management processes that reduce costs, increase efficiency, and get producers ready to sell in hours instead of weeks.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner