Insurtech Habit launched a Habit Bill Protection Insurance

Habit, a Portuguese insurtech specializing in embedded insurance and digital distribution, has launched a new product: Habit Bill Protection Insurance.

The new insurance product protects end customers’ recurring payments and expenses, such as utilities, rent, college fees, and other regular bills.

It offers various coverage levels from €80 to €600, catering to different customer needs.

Habit Bill Protection Insurance ensures full payment of bills in cases of covers involuntary unemployment for workers with permanent contracts, inability to work for over 30 days, hospital stays longer than three days and the policyholder in these events.

According to Habit, this solution is innovative because it is not tied to credit processes or financing operations, unlike traditional payment protection insurance.

Insurtech Habit launched a Habit Bill Protection Insurance

João Madureira Pinto, Chief Growth Officer at Habit, stated that this solution addresses the protection gap in regions with low wages and inadequate protection.

With a monthly premium of €1.49, customers can secure their lifestyle and essential services in case of significant life events.

He added that companies offering a wide range of services can differentiate themselves, improving customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Ensures essential bills are paid during unexpected situations.
  • Alleviates financial anxiety, allowing focus on recovery.
  • Helps maintain a good credit history.
  • Offers coverage with low monthly premiums starting from €1.49.
  • Adds an extra layer of security for long-term planning.
  • Ensures bills are paid, maintaining customers’ lifestyles.
Insurtech Habit launched a Habit Bill Protection Insurance

Benefits for Companies:

  • Enhances loyalty and reduces disputes over non-payment.
  • Shows commitment to protecting customers from financial hardship.
  • Ensures regular payments to service providers.

Habit’s technological solutions, including APIs, white-label components, and portals, enable partners to distribute this product through various channels:

  • Distributors sell directly to end customers using Habit’s tools for insurance agents and brokers.
  • Customers can purchase through partner websites, apps, or other digital platforms.
  • Service providers can offer this insurance to their customers, enhancing their value proposition and customer retention.

According to Catarina Afonso, Product Manager at NOS, “The platform developed by Habit – in a long-standing partnership that is now being reinforced – facilitates the simulation and sale of the product. The integration and the speed with which requirements were promptly implemented resulted in an agile and intuitive insurance management platform that will optimise our internal processes and enhance the customer experience.”

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner