Intelligent AI launched of ground-breaking Intelligent Rebuild Cost Validation Platform

Insurtech Intelligent AI has developed the Intelligent Rebuild Cost Validation Platform, which is designed to address the long-standing challenge of underinsurance in the commercial property market.

Intelligent AI was launched in 2022 and delivers Insurance Risk Management and Underwriting insight with AI and Data Analytics solutions to predict and mitigate global risk and bring clarity to insurers’ portfolios through AI document reading and Digital Twins of 100% of customer sites.

By accessing multiple, verified data-sources, Intelligent AI’s new platform not only provides commercial property owners with more accurate reinstatement values to adequately cover their buildings, ensuring insurers pay out fully, but it also reduces insurers’ and brokers’ exposures by enabling correct premiums through faster and cost-effective real-time rebuild cost data (see Global Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Market Review).

Anthony Peake, Founder and CEO of Intelligent AI

Intelligent Rebuild Cost Validation Platform is a game-changer for the property insurance market, particularly benefiting commercial property owners, insurers, and brokers most impacted by the underinsurance issue.

Anthony Peake, Founder and CEO of Intelligent AI

The solution complements and builds on the success of its widely adopted Intelligent Risk Underwriting Platform.

The problem of underinsurance has affected insurers, brokers, and property owners for decades, with a staggering 79% of commercial properties being underinsured by at least 30%.

Historically, the issue arose due to a lack of high quality and affordable rebuild cost data. In the UK, 79% of commercial properties are underinsured by at least 30% – a huge issue for property owners and the market, which is losing premiums on $433.8 bn of property value annually.

Intelligent AI launched of ground-breaking Intelligent Rebuild Cost Validation Platform

Intelligent AI’s platform fully automates the entire process for a large proportion of properties, greatly improving the cost and accuracy of results.

With fast and cost-effective access to real-time data for large property portfolios and providing valuable insights into areas of greatest underinsurance, the platform ensures more accurate premiums and reduced risk for insurers, while instilling greater confidence in property owners regarding claims pay-outs in the event of loss.

This enables 100% of commercial properties to have an accurate valuation each year. Further, the platform also provides rebuild cost data that reflects real-time inflationary changes in construction costs.

The Intelligent Rebuild Cost Validation Platform is designed to work with Intelligent AI’s existing cloud-based Intelligent Risk Underwriting Platform that aggregates over 300 data points, including AI document analysis, open data, satellite image analysis, property characteristics data, and real-time weather and flood risks, to give insurers greater clarity across 100% of their portfolios, enabling them to identify, measure, predict, and mitigate a huge variety property perils in real-time.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner