Capgemini and Google Cloud partners in data analytics & artificial intelligence

Capgemini and Google Cloud announced a major expansion of their long-standing strategic partnership in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), creating a global Generative AI Google Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) to help enterprises realize the full potential of AI technologies.

The new CoE will help clients advance their business transformation goals, enhance engagement with customers, and accelerate value creation from AI investments.

The partners will work together to rapidly broaden generative AI skills within the 65,000+ Capgemini community that is engaged with Google Cloud.

This expanded partnership brings together Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies and Capgemini’s unique three-dimensional approach, informed by industry expertise, deep product and software engineering skills, and data science capabilities, to facilitate clients in their entire AI journeys from ideation to value creation.

“Generative AI has the potential to fundamentally improve how businesses operate in every industry,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “Capgemini has helped some of our largest customers transform their businesses with Google Cloud’s data analytics and AI, and the launch of the Generative AI Google Cloud Center of Excellence will provide businesses with the expertise needed to successfully use this breakthrough technology safely and responsibly.”

Accelerating business value creation and innovation


Leveraging its deep industry expertise, Capgemini will utilize Google Cloud’s generative AI to develop a rich library of more than 500 industry use cases. The use cases will provide a blueprint for clients to successfully identify, deploy, and maximize generative AI capabilities to achieve their business transformation objectives. The key focus areas of the new CoE include:

  • Generative AI use case development: Capgemini will build enterprise-ready use cases that solve industry-specific challenges and improve common business processes. The first wave of 100 use cases will initially focus on the financial services, insurance, retail, and automotive sectors. In the next wave, this will expand to all industries, reaching more than 500 use cases within the next 24 months.
  • Value creation: The global Generative AI Google Cloud CoE will work with clients to enable bespoke AI strategies, which can create new revenue streams, transform customer experiences, increase productivity, and improve business efficiency.
  • Enterprise-grade implementation: Capgemini will work with enterprise clients to successfully deploy generative AI at scale, utilizing responsible AI frameworks and purpose-built security tools to ensure generative AI is implemented safely and securely.

Solving business challenges with Google Cloud generative AI

Capgemini is already working with a number of clients in this space, including a leading insurance company located in more than 50 countries, to enhance the way very specific business data is queried by senior executives. The “Intelligent Document Query Assistant”, a joint effort devised by the client and Capgemini, is capable of responding to questions asked in natural language and has significantly improved query response time and efficacy.

Previously, the query accuracy rate was 70%, but accuracy is expected to increase to 95% by integrating the Google Cloud (PaLM 2) foundation model.

Generative AI has enabled non-technical executives who previously had to rely on manual querying of the database by data scientists, sometimes taking hours, to now articulate their query conversationally and refine their search, in just a few seconds with a simple question in natural language.

by Yana Keller