Kate Lyons - Head of RGAX, UK

Kate Lyons – Head of RGAX, UK

Kate Lyons leads RGAX in the UK. She has over 15 years of experience in financial services, with a strong background in life and health reinsurance. Before joining RGAX, Kate held various senior roles, focusing on market development and commercial strategy.

At RGAX, she emphasizes innovation in the insurance industry, aiming to address the needs of underserved consumers and leveraging new technologies to improve insurance solutions. Her leadership is marked by a balance of skepticism and ambition, driving forward initiatives that align with the evolving landscape of the insurance sector.

RGAX is the innovation accelerator and subsidiary of RGA, a world class Life and Health Reinsurer. We have been given licence by RGA to innovate and explore with the aim of growing the Life and Health Insurance and At Retirement market.

She main responsibilities are to identify opportunities, develop solutions and deliver propositions supported by sustainable commercial models.

Other responsibilities include:
– Building collaborative relationships with external innovation networks.
– Creating opportunities to grow RGAX through partnerships and new initiatives.
– Identifying opportunities for growth and demand creation.
– Developing concepts and propositions that facilitate growth.
– Negotiating and executing deals to deliver propositions.
– Supporting partners as a NED.

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