Cyber insurtech Coalition announced Microsoft, Google and AWS integrations

Cyber insurtech Coalition announced new integrations between Coalition Control, its cyber risk management platform, and cloud services providers, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Amazon Web Services.

Coalition policyholders and Control customers can now connect Coalition Control with cloud services to help them actively manage and improve their cybersecurity postures.

When businesses connect Control to one or more cloud providers, they can get a more holistic view of their internal risk posture and external attack surface, according to Cyber Security Top Trends.

Cyber insurtech Coalition announced Microsoft, Google and AWS integrations

These services bring additional data into Control to help businesses more effectively manage and mitigate digital risks within cloud applications and services, such as unauthorized access and misconfigurations.

It can also help businesses understand if they have enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA), a security control that Coalition has found highly effective in reducing the negative impacts of cyber attacks.

John Roberts, General Manager, Security at Coalition

Coalition Control can provide a more holistic view into a company’s cybersecurity risk posture, now including internal risks — something that is often a black box for so many

John Roberts, General Manager, Security at Coalition

“With these new integrations, we’re helping to remove some of the guesswork for businesses around the security controls of their cloud services. This is a pivotal moment for businesses that use Control, as we increase visibility into their overall risk posture and simplify some of the more complicated aspects of cyber risk management.”

Coalition has helped tens of thousands of policyholders manage cyber incidents and claims. By conducting around-the-clock monitoring for these businesses, Coalition’s Security Team has built a knowledge base of the most common cybersecurity gaps that can result in cyber attacks (see How Does Cyber Security Hygiene Reduce the Risk of Cyberattacks?).

Cyber insurtech Coalition announced Microsoft, Google and AWS integrations

With Control, businesses have a central hub to view and manage their cyber risks and better understand their evolving attack surface. By allowing cyber insurers to see what’s happening inside a business’s systems, they can help companies improve their cybersecurity defenses over time.

Businesses using Control can voluntarily connect their accounts to these cloud applications and services to enable additional insights and cyber protections.

These integrations are not required to continue using Coalition’s cyber risk management platform.

Coalition is the Active Insurance provider designed to help prevent digital risk before it strikes.

Cyber insurtech Coalition announced Microsoft, Google and AWS integrations

By combining comprehensive insurance coverage and cybersecurity tools, Coalition helps businesses manage and mitigate potential cyber attacks.

Leveraging its relationships with leading global insurers and capacity providers, including Coalition Insurance Company, Coalition offers Active Insurance products to businesses in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

Policyholders can receive automated cyber alerts and access expert advice and global third-party risk management tools through Coalition’s holistic cyber risk management platform, Coalition Control.

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