Healthtech SaaS platform Recare raised €3.2 mn for expansion in Germany

Recare has developed a SaaS platform that acts as a neutral marketplace, allowing hospitals to find care providers for their patients with aftercare needs.

Healthtech company Recare has raised €3.2 mn to enhance its digital discharge management marketplace in Germany.

Recare’s platform serves as a neutral marketplace, facilitating connections between hospitals and a wide network of care providers, including rehabilitation clinics, medical suppliers, and homecare companies (see Costs for Employer Healthcare Insurance). To date, the platform has improved aftercare speed for over 300,000 patients.

Founded in Berlin in 2017, platform connects 700 acute hospitals, 650 rehabilitation clinics, and 24,000 additional care providers

The funding comes at a crucial moment in the digital transformation of the German healthcare system. The final phase of implementing the Hospital Future Act (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz/KHZG) is coming, which obliges hospitals to digitise and thus improve their efficiency. Thus, the penetration of the discharge management market is a top priority.

Maximilian Greschke, the founder and CEO of Recare, criticizes the outdated practices prevalent in the healthcare system, such as the excessive paperwork.

He advocates for technological solutions to speed up and secure healthcare processes, allowing professionals to focus more on patient care rather than administrative tasks.

Maximilian Greschke, the founder and CEO of Recare

We believe making processes faster and more secure with the help of technology is the key for positive impact in the healthcare system and ultimately helps healthcare professionals to focus on treating patients, not paperwork.

Maximilian Greschke, the founder and CEO of Recare

The recent funding includes investments from prior backers and a €2 mn loan from Gilion, a firm that supports technology companies with funding and forecasting solutions.

According to Mariam Koorang, General Manager for Germany at Gilion, Recare has created a compelling and easy-to-use platform in a complex and regulated environment, marrying great technical ability with first-hand industry expertise.

This investing boost will enable Recare to further develop and deploy its digital solutions, aiming to enhance patient aftercare processes significantly.

Healthtech SaaS platform Recare specializes in digital discharge management solutions designed to streamline and improve the transfer of patients from hospitals to post-care facilities.

Leveraging software-as-a-service (SaaS), Recare’s platform automates and simplifies the discharge process, which traditionally involves extensive paperwork and manual coordination, thus reducing the administrative burden and improving accuracy and speed.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner