Worldwide Flooding & Landslides: Listing of Global Events & Economic Loss

Global Flooding & Landslides Review includes a select listing of global events that resulted in >USD 100mn in economic loss and/or >10 fatalities. It does not include a listing of aggregated loss totals from agencies which are not easily attributed to an individual event.

Worldwide Flooding & Landslides

Event NameDateRegionEconomic LossesFatalities
   (USD mn) 
Jan. 1–25Africa0.215
Jan. 8–9Africa6610
Jan. 17Africa0.310
KwaZulu-Natal FloodsApril 8–15Africa3,500461
Rwanda and DRC FloodingApril 23–25Africa5320
April 26Africa2.510
Sudan Seasonal FloodsMay 1–Aug. 31Africa1089
Niger Seasonal FloodsJune 1–Nov. 30Africa100195
Nigeria Seasonal FloodsJune 1–Nov. 30Africa4,505665
June 16–21Africa1.012
Chad Seasonal FloodsJuly 1–Oct. 31Africa12522
Mali Seasonal FloodsJuly 1–Nov. 30Africa5.810
CAR Seasonal FloodsJuly 21–Nov. 30Africa9.513
July 25–Aug. 18Africa1.014
July 30–Aug. 1Africa0.029
Aug. 15–Oct. 31Africa9.511
Aug. 20–Oct. 31Africa100146
Sept. 1–Oct. 20Africa1.041
Sept. 4–6Africa1.319
Oct. 1–10Africa1.514
Malawi Rainy SeasonNov. 15–Dec. 31Africa2.040
Yaoundé LandslideNov. 27Africa1.015
Dec. 3Africa1.516
Dec .12–13Africa2.0120
Dec. 15–Jan. 4Africa0.011
Dec. 20Africa0.310
Jan. 1–6Asia2.511
Jan. 1–6Asia9514
Jan. 6–19Asia2.311
Jan. 20–25Asia0.512
Feb. 25–March 2Asia9.012
May 2–7Asia0.529
May 9–13Asia2401
Bangladesh Seasonal FloodsMay 17–Sept. 30Asia500141
India Seasonal FloodsMay 17–Oct. 31Asia2,5002,047
China Seasonal FloodsMay 23–Sept. 30Asia14,490197
Nepal Seasonal FloodsJune 5–30Asia0.532
June 14–30Asia7.537
Afghanistan Seasonal FloodsJune 21–22Asia0.519
Nepal Seasonal FloodJuly 1–31Asia0.135
Pakistan Monsoon FloodsJuly 1–Sep 30Asia14,9001,735
July 5–11Asia2.063
July 24–Aug. 1Asia0.239
Aug. 3–4Asia100
Aug. 8–9Asia42014
Aug. 13Asia0.031
Aug. 16–21Asia0.563
Sept. 15–17Asia1.025
Sept. 27–29Asia0.319
Oct. 1–31Asia220
Oct. 4–9Asia1.510
Oct. 7–31Asia750
Oct. 23–Nov 3Asia0.811
Nov. 11–19Asia2.05
Batang Kali LandslideDec. 16Asia0.331
Dec. 25–27Asia7552
Black Sea FloodsJune 24 –27Europe2442
ReiliSept. 15–16Europe3511
Ischia LandslideNov. 26Europe4.012
Jan. 1–14Latin America40018
Jan. 1–May 31Latin America38511
Sao Paulo FloodsJan. 27–30Latin America6831
Quito FloodsJan. 29–Feb. 1Latin America5028
Feb. 8Latin America1.316
Feb. 15–16Latin America26232
March 16–June 30Latin America2880
Rio de Janeiro FloodsMarch 31–April 2Latin America13123
and Landslides    
Guatemala Seasonal FloodsMay 1–June 30Latin America5013
Pernambuco FloodsMay 25–28Latin America450129
Colombia Seasonal FloodsJuly 1–Nov. 30Latin America250271
Sept. 23Latin America1.013
Oct. 25–Nov. 5Latin America2.010
Nov. 28–Dec. 4Latin America6510
Risaralda LandslideDec. 4Latin America0.534
Fars and Tehran FloodsJuly 22–29Middle East20095
July 23–24Middle East0.014
Aug. 1–5Middle East0.016
Canada Red RiverApril 22 –25North America157
Spring Floods    
Southwest MonsoonJuly 15–25North America1752
Missouri and Kentucky FloodsJuly 25–28North America1,50028
Southwest MonsoonJuly 26–31North America2833
Texas and Mississippi FloodsAug. 18–24North America1,2002
Sept. 11–13North America160
Montreal Flash FloodsSept. 13–14North America663
Dec. 23–27North America130
Late DecemberDec. 26–Jan. 4North America2005
Atmospheric River    
QLD and NSW FloodsFeb. 23–March 31Oceania6,75022
March 20–29Oceania113
July 2–6Oceania418
Eastern Australia FloodsOct. 12–28Oceania697
Eastern Australia FloodsNov. 12–14Oceania2592
Source: Beinsure by Gallagher Re

Why is everywhere flooding?

Rising sea levels, driven by melting glaciers and the thermal expansion of water, are increasingly inundating coastal areas, while warmer temperatures are causing more moisture to accumulate in the atmosphere, which is then released as rain or snow.

Why is everywhere flooding?

Which country is most affected by floods?

With a risk index score of 10, Bangladesh and Vietnam were the top countries worldwide in terms of flood risk, based on their physical exposure to this type of event.

What are 3 countries in the world where flooding happens regularly?

The Netherlands and Bangladesh are the only two nations in the world to have more than half of their population at risk due to flooding, at 59% and 58%, respectively. Vietnam (46%), Egypt (41%), and Myanmar (40%) round out the rest of the top five

What was the worst climate disaster?

A new report lists the most costly extreme weather disasters, with Hurricane Ian in the US and Cuba topping the list. The Pakistan floods were the sixth most expensive event on the list, but also the disaster with the highest human cost.