Artificial intelligence isn't the main cause of insurance industry layoffs

The credit rating agency AM Best does not believe artificial intelligence is the main cause of recent insurance industry layoffs.

The agency wrote that it is too soon to cite AI as the leading cause of the job losses, at least at this nascent stage. Instead, the layoffs likely fall into the cyclical, rather than the structural, category.

The structural unemployment refers to jobs that are made redundant because of systemic changes and the adoption of technology, or a misalignment between business needs and employee skills.

Cyclical unemployment refers to employment fluctuations driven by the business cycle, which seems to be the case in the insurance industry.

This insight comes after Liberty Mutual, American Family and GEICO announced staff reductions in recent months.

Artificial intelligence isn't the main cause of insurance industry layoffs

AM Best did share that artificial intelligence-related advances will gradually reshape the outlook for insurance industry employment.

The personal lines are most affected by the latest layoffs, as loss ratios and underwriting margins are pressured by loss cost inflation, reinsurance capacity and pricing and rising climate risk.

Many insurance companies are experimenting with and are motivated by generative AI’s customer service potential, later noting that the speed at which AI develops over the coming years will determine the level of industry disruption.

Although the overall impact of generative AI on employment remains uncertain, it will likely change the way society works, as current employees learn to leverage the power of this developing technology

AM Best

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hiring by insurance carriers and related companies slowed to an estimated 1,100 positions in October. This was down from September, when the BLS reported 3,900 people were hired, and July, when 8,300 new workers were brought on board.

Insurtech companies have also been downsizing. Hippo, Branch Insurance, Corvus Insurance and Pie Insurance announced layoffs earlier this year. Last year, Thimble, NEXT, Lemonade and Root were among the insurtechs trimming their workforces.