Cigna with Oscar expands  small business health insurance into the Philadelphia

Cigna Corporation is to expand its Cigna + Oscar small business health insurance into the Philadelphia metro area.

Following regulatory approval, the insurer said the product will go out across the territory into the counties of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia at the beginning of next year.

A healthy workforce is critical to fueling business growth, and employers can help their workforce stay healthy by providing innovative health plans that offer many new ways for people to access care and stay on top of their health goals.

In this dynamic environment, small businesses need health plans that are affordable, predictable, and simple. With this expansion, Cigna + Oscar health plans are now able to help small businesses in Philadelphia provide their employees with access to quality care at a more affordable cost.

The firm said that small businesses in the Philadelphia metro area with between one and 50 employees will have access to unique services driven by the combination of Cigna’s provider relationships and Oscar’s consumer-centric, tech-driven approach.

Cigna + Oscar had a strong first half of the year with respect to growth—we recently surpassed the 50,000 member milestone.

Cigna and Oscar will share risk equally under a reinsurance agreement for solutions offered through this strategic partnership and plan to grow the partnership over time.