Lloyd's of London will stay in its City Tower until at least 2035

Lloyd’s of London has extended its lease at the iconic One Lime Street headquarters until at least 2035, with an option to extend to 2040.

The building, a grade 1-listed tower designed by British architect Richard Rogers, is known for its distinctive external lifts and service pipes.

Owned by Chinese insurer Ping An since 2013, Lloyd’s plans to continue renovating the building to enhance its energy efficiency.

Lloyd's of London will stay in its City Tower until at least 2035

This decision underscores Lloyd’s commitment to its historic location despite the emergence of newer, taller skyscrapers in the area.

The 14-story building’s external lifts and service pipes have made it a landmark in the City, though in recent years it has been dwarfed by newer, taller skyscrapers.

Lloyd’s Chairman, Bruce-Carnegie Brown, emphasised the importance of the Lloyd’s building in the market’s collective consciousness.

Bruce-Carnegie Brown, Lloyd’s Chairman

The changes we’ve made to the ground floor this summer signal the start of our ambitions – but there’s more to come, and we’ll be redesigning other spaces in the Lloyd’s Building to support our market’s collaboration and innovation

Bruce-Carnegie Brown, Lloyd’s Chairman

Lloyd’s said it would continue to renovate the building – owned by Ping An since 2013 – to make it more energy efficient.

Lloyd's of London will stay in its City Tower until at least 2035

As part of its ongoing commitment to modernising workspaces, Lloyd’s plans to utilise the lease extension to further renovate internal spaces, including upper galleries and common areas.

Bruce-Carnegie Brown further added, “We’ll continue to monitor how the changes are working so One Lime Street can remain the iconic and dynamic space our market and customers need it to be.”

Lloyd’s has been headquartered at the Grade I listed building at One Lime Street since 1986. It currently houses more than 50 leading insurance companies, over 380 registered Lloyd’s brokers, a global network of over 4,000 local coverholders and its award-winning Innovation Hub – the Lloyd’s Lab.

The Lloyd’s building, also known as the Lloyd’s of London building, is an iconic structure located in the City of London.

Lloyd's of London will stay in its City Tower until at least 2035

Designed by architect Richard Rogers and completed in 1986, it’s renowned for its unique architectural style, characterized by its external lifts, staircases, and service pipes. This design approach gives the building a high-tech industrial appearance.

The building reflecting its architectural and historical significance. As the headquarters of the insurance institution Lloyd’s of London, it plays a crucial role in the global insurance industry.

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