StateFilings helps insurance companies create their products & filings

Dais, the provider of no-code insurance product hosting solutions, and Perr&Knight, the insurance product filing experts, have teamed up to streamline speed to market for insurance products. StateFilings, an exciting new addition to the Dais 3.0 App Store, makes implementations easy and automated for customers on the Dais platform.

StateFilings is the leading software platform that helps insurance companies create and manage their products and filings. It is a single source of truth where insurance companies can easily collaborate to create and file insurance products and manage their associated forms, rules, and other documents.

The new StateFilings app, available on the Dais 3.0 app store, will automate the handoff from product development to product approval to product administration, eliminating several processes and are entirely manual in nature. The partnership will help structure workflows and minimize disruption to timelines from project missteps.

Dais is committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. Partnering with Perr&Knight to offer StateFilings on our platform is another example of how we are making it easy for our customers to do business with us and our partners.

Jason Kolb, CEO of Dais

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Dais to offer our industry-leading product filing solution to their customers,” said Patrick Light, Principal & Director of Enterprise Software Solutions at Perr&Knight. “This partnership is the first of its kind and is a great example of how technology can be used to streamline the insurance product speed to market process.”

We want to make working with our partners as easy as pushing a button. We’re making it easier for our customers to use all of the innovative new data and services that are available now, and that’s a win for our customers, our partners, and us as well.

Patrick Light, Principal & Director of Enterprise Software Solutions at Perr&Knight

Kolb said that the goal is to have an off-the-shelf integration available to customers by Q4 of 2022, which will allow products to be promoted to live status automatically in conjunction with filing approvals.

Founded in 1994, Perr&Knight provides insurance consulting and software solutions to the property & casualty and accident & health industries. Services include actuarial consulting, product development, insurance policy and forms consulting, regulatory compliance, state filings, licensing, technology consulting, statistical reporting, data services, and predictive analytics. 

by Peter Sonner