Here are some of the sectors where Big Data is actively used:

  • Ecommerce – Predicting customer trends and optimizing prices are a few of the ways e-commerce uses Big Data analytics
  • Marketing – Big Data analytics helps to drive high ROI marketing campaigns, which result in improved sales
  • Education – Used to develop new and improve existing courses based on market requirements
  • Healthcare – With the help of a patient’s medical history, Big Data analytics is used to predict how likely they are to have health issues
  • Media and entertainment – Used to understand the demand of shows, movies, songs, and more to deliver a personalized recommendation list to its users
  • Banking and Insurance – Customer income and spending patterns help to predict the likelihood of choosing various banking offers, like loans and credit cards
  • Telecommunications – Used to forecast network capacity and improve customer experience
  • Government – Big Data analytics helps governments in law enforcement, among other things