It depends on the type of policy you go for, but as well as veterinary treatment for accidents and/or illnesses policies often include:

  • Third-party liability (dogs only)
    This pays the legal costs if your dog’s responsible for hurting someone or causing damage – for example, if they ran into a road and caused a car to swerve and crash.
    Cats are considered ‘free spirits’ by law so cat insurance doesn’t include third-party liability.
  • Some alternative therapies
    If your vet recommends something like hydrotherapy or acupuncture for your pet, some pet insurance policies will cover these treatments.
    You usually won’t be covered for anything that you’re not referred for by your vet.
  • Diagnostic costs for illnesses, like blood tests
    The cost of working out what’s wrong with your pet is covered.
    Diagnostic testing can be quite expensive and some policies will put a limit on the amount they’ll reimburse per test. If your vet’s lab charges more for diagnostics you’ll have to make up the shortfall yourself.
  • Advertising costs to find lost pets
    Most pet insurance policies include some cover for the cost of making posters and putting up advertising for your lost pet. Some will even cover a reward.
    If your cat or dog sadly can’t be found your policy might also offer some compensation.
  • Euthanasia
    At the end of your pet’s life, most pet insurance policies will cover the cost of a vet putting them to sleep if it’s necessary and to prevent further suffering.