As the availability of cloud services continues to expand, so will their applications in the corporate world. Whether a company chooses to extend existing on-premises software deployments or move 100% to the cloud, these services will continue to simplify how organizations deliver mission-critical apps and data to the workforce.

From application delivery to desktop virtualization solutions, plus a vast array of options in between, cloud services are transforming how people work and the ways businesses operate.

Cloud computing can be worth $68.5 bn by 2025 – the industry will not only thrive at 15% annually but will also massively increase its cost rate by 2025, bringing its anticipated net value to almost $800 bn.

Cloud computing isn’t just a smart choice for innovative businesses – it’s necessary. Nearly everyone recognizes that cloud computing is an unstoppable trend in the IT industry. However, that general agreement obscures an important truth: IT organizations differ in where they are in their journey to cloud computing.