Insurtech FRISS launches industry’s first Trust Automation Platform

Good processes are at the heart of maintaining customer trust. There is however a key factor holding back the speed of insurance: trust. Therefore, FRISS announced the launch of their Trust Automation Platform.

While trust is important in any industry, it’s of ultimate importance in ours – it’s the very concept insurance is built on. The conditions that shape the landscape have brought trust directly to the forefront of conducting good business. 

Trust is hard to maintain in service-based businesses, in part due to the volume of interactions.

The Trust Automation Platform allows insurers to improve operational efficiency following the 3 pillars of trust:

  1. Standardize, safeguard and automate competence; deliver products & services through process excellence & know-how
  2. Increase customer satisfaction by showing your motives; driven by the intention to do what’s best for your customers you interact with and think how to balance the needs for different groups when needed
  3. Enable fair processes and treatment of customers. Processes should be open and transparent, both for trustworthy customers as for those you need to verify.

“Trust is easily shaken and is nearly impossible to regain once lost. Customers will move to another insurer if interactions are not satisfying. Our Trust Automation Platform provides immediate informational fairness,” explains Jeroen Morrenhof, CEO and Co-Founder of FRISS. “Every result comes with the underlying rationale and is executed in a consistent, accurate and unbiassed manner, while maintaining the opportunity to add subject matter expertise when needed.”

According to Gartner Research, customer trust will replace customer experience (CX) as the foremost strategic term for positioning and messaging of differentiated services.

Organizations that can instill digital trust will be able to participate in 50% more ecosystems to expand revenue generation opportunities. It is time to start building the relationships your customers demand and deserve.

“In today’s world, we are quick to assess how we are treated in personal interactions with a company. Technology can be used to help in the process. It allows for normalization and standardization of high volume processes, while still allowing highly trained staff to provide feedback and support exceptions when necessary,” adds Christian van Leeuwen, FRISS Co-Founder and CSO. “It’s difficulty lies in interactions with lots of individual cases that together make up a group. By launching the Trust Automation Platform, we will unlock new avenues most insurers would have never thought possible.”

by Peter Sonner