Howden Group acquired Scottish broker Laurie Ross

Howden has recently announced its acquisition of Laurie Ross, a Scotland-based broker specializing in both personal and commercial lines.

This strategic move signifies Howden’s ongoing commitment to expanding its presence in the UK market, particularly strengthening its high street footprint.

With the integration of Laurie Ross, which was established in 1973 and operates seven branches primarily around Glasgow, Howden’s high street branch network will expand to a total of 117 locations, contributing to its extensive network of over 200 centers throughout the UK.

Laurie Ross is known for providing a range of insurance services to its clients and communities, focusing on areas such as car, home, taxi, van, and business insurance.

Kelly Ogley, CEO of Howden Consumer and Local Commercial

Laurie Ross is a fantastic business and, culturally, it’s a perfect fit as we’re both committed to providing a local advised service that delights our clients, as well as working with and supporting our local communities.

Kelly Ogley, CEO of Howden Consumer and Local Commercial

“We’re welcome June Lynch, Managing Director of Laurie Ross, and the team to the Howden family.”

This acquisition aligns with Howden’s strategic goal of continuing its expansion on the high street and bolsters Howden UK & Ireland’s growth, particularly in Scotland.

The deal highlights Howden’s ambition to strengthen its local presence and enhance service offerings in key business areas.

June Lynch, Managing Director, Laurie Ross said: “I am delighted that Laurie Ross is now part of Howden providing us with an even greater opportunity to enhance our capabilities and reach. Joining a well-known UK branch network, with values that mirror our own excellent reputation for unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, it’s exactly the sort of partnership we were looking for.”

Howden Group is a player in the global insurance industry, known for its commitment to providing specialized insurance brokerage services.

Founded in 1994, the company has grown significantly from its humble beginnings to become a leading global insurance group, managing over $35 billion in premiums for its clients.

Howden stands out for its employee-owned business model, which fosters a culture of ownership and empowerment among its workforce. This model has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and innovation, enabling Howden to consistently challenge the status quo in the insurance sector.

The company offers a wide range of insurance services, including both retail and specialty insurance, as well as wholesale insurance solutions. It provides expertise across various insurance classes, creating bespoke solutions for complex risks.

Laurie Ross is an independent insurance broker established in 1973

Laurie Ross is an independent insurance broker established in 1973, serving businesses and families across Scotland. They are known for their personalized approach, emphasizing that “people buy from people.”

They offer a range of insurance products including car, home, taxi, van, and business insurance. Laurie Ross operates from seven branches in and around Glasgow and is committed to delivering tailored insurance solutions and excellent customer service. The company also engages in various community and fundraising activities, reflecting its commitment to the local communities it serves.

Yana Keller   by Yana Keller