Insurtech Fijoya raised $8.3 mn in seed round

Fijoya, an insurtech startup specializing in health and wellness services for employers, recently secured $8.3 mn in seed funding.

Team8’s Venture-Creation fund led the investment, highlighting Fijoya’s dedication to changing employer-sponsored healthcare with its AI-enhanced insurtech platform.

This financial boost will allow Fijoya to strengthen the role in the insurtech industry by using AI technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of insurance services for companies.

With the rising demand for innovative insurtech solutions, Fijoya is positioned to significantly influence the employer-sponsored healthcare market (see Costs for Employer Healthcare & Insurance).

Insurtech Fijoya raised $8.3 mn in seed round

The investment aims to enhance Fijoya’s insurtech capabilities, with a special focus on overcoming obstacles in the $32 bn point solution vendor market.

Fijoya, at the intersection of FinTech and healthcare, provides employers with a unified platform for offering health benefits.

This platform grants access to a vast array of health and wellness services and products via a single, pay-per-use contract, streamlining the process for employers.

Employer-sponsored healthcare is at a breaking point, with unsustainable complexity and cost.

Baruch Levy, CEO and co-founder of Fijoya

Our goal is to make it easier for employers to deliver the best employee health experience – easy to offer, find, and pay for. A health experience that is flexible, diverse and personalised, just like the people they serve

Baruch Levy, CEO and co-founder of Fijoya

“Fijoya provides an opportunity to impact the lives of 160 mn employees and their families covered by self-insured employers by optimising the way they consume and pay for healthcare”, Team8 Managing Partner Assaf Mischari, said.

“This funding will allow Fijoya to expand its platform offerings in pursuit of a broad vision to change the landscape of employer-sponsored healthcare.”

Insurtech Fijoya raised $8.3 mn in seed round

Fijoya offers an insurtech platform focusing on health and wellness benefits for employers, streamlining the provision of such benefits with a single pay-per-use contract.

This innovative approach eliminates the need for multiple contracts, simplifies administration, and ensures that employers only pay for the services their employees actually use.

With over 200 benefits available, Fijoya’s platform allows employees to access a wide range of health and wellness options, supported by AI to recommend the most relevant services or products.

Peter Sonner   by Peter Sonner