Ondo InsurTech won a new contract with insurer Topdanmark

Ondo InsurTech has won a new contract with insurer Topdanmark, to expand its roll-out to 20,000 new customers in Denmark.

Topdanmark is an insurance company in Denmark. Ondo noted that it has a 15% share of Denmark’s home insurance policies.

Topdanmark was the first Danish insurer to offer LeakBot to their customers in 2019.

Those customers received a LeakBot device and access to specialised leak location and repair services which resulted in a positive claims reduction experience

LeakBot is an end-to-end internet of things solution which protects homes from the impact of water damage.

Under the new agreement, Topdanmark will expand the LeakBot service to a further 20,000 customers over 18 months from March 2023.

We start 2023 with great news and a strong commitment to growing our business, by delivering LeakBots to more customers

Chief Executive Craig Foster

Increasing the number of households with a LeakBot in Denmark is key to our strategy and the Topdanmark rollout – alongside the previously announced rollout with LB Fosikringar, will provide great opportunity for growth in 2023 and beyond.

by Peter Sonner